What it looks like to be back home after EVS

When I just arrived to Poland I was not really happy with the decision I made…. like 9 months in a country far from home country… Somewhere where you don’t know the language, people and you still have to stay with two other people in the same flat for nine months…..

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A letter to the future EVS

First and foremost – enjoy your EVS!
No matter what you do, try to find something to enjoy it.
Nine months is a long time but can turn out to be really short. Whether your stay will be too long or too short is up to you.
Make a to-do list.
Write down stuff you always wanted to do but for some various reasons didn’t. Check out what’s interesting in Poland and add it to your list. Set dead-lines to your list because the ninth month will come much sooner than you might have anticipated.
Meet up with the locals.
The local youth is quite open to foreigners and will be glad to spend time with you. Ask them to add stuff to your to-do list.

During one of our international parties! 90's style!

During one of our international parties! 90’s style!

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Clock’s time


 Sometimes, in some places, you feel alone. Maybe it’s also a rainy day, everything seems to go to the wrong direction or, worse, to a trivial direction.

Suddently, you open your eyes and see a common but, in that moment, magic stuff: a clock.

Someone said that life is in details; one day you don’t perceive these famous “details”, another day they make you cry without reason (if you are crazy, of course!). Oh, you can cry for sadness or for happiness, it’s up to you!;

but, don’t worry, I didn’t cry for an ancient and fascinating clock.

I just: took a photo that I liked!

My time in Kielce.


Vienna: Second hand street market and endless amounds of castles

Welcome to the West Europe! City of comfortable higher civilization and freedom of views. I spent in Vienna 4 wonderful days! So here is tree the most impressive things for me – water to the city is coming directly from the Alps, and it’s for free (the cold one). The best coffee I ever tried: I’m not a coffee-lover, cuz we don’t have it as a part of Ukrainian culture, but here I understood that coffee can be some kind of ritual! Infrastucture: Vienna seamed to be very big city, but you cann’t really feel it, because of very good system of transportation. And of course you can lost yourself (in a good sence) in this diversity of wonderful buildings and historical places!


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